Focus RS Detailing - Machine Polish and Swissvax Detail

I was contacted by a customer who wanted to get his Focus RS Detailing. Having owned the car for some time, the paintwork and interior was in desperate need of rejuvenation. Bird lime, tar and water spots had marked and marred the paintwork, dulling the it it was time to breathe new life into this tired looking Focus RS. AutoWerX Detailing specialises in doing just that.

Firstly, as part of the Focus RS Detailing, the paintwork needed to be deeply cleansed therefore soaked with a pH neutral snowfoam to gently remove surface contaminants before a safe two bucket wash, tar, clay and fallout treatment to leave all surfaces squeaky clean. The wheels were freed from any brake dust and grime build up with an assortment of specialist cleaners and detailing brushes courtesy of Wheel Woolies.

Once safely dried, the paintwork was subjected to a light machine polish to remove light to moderate defects such as swirls, scratches and bird lime etching that were present on the paintwork. This removed the dull haze from the Ultimate Green RS, and really showed off the gorgeous fleck in the eye catching colour. After all polishing was completed the paintwork was sealed and waxed to lock in the finish and provide vital paintwork protection for the coming months.

The interior received a thorough tickle, with leather and alacantara surfaces being steamed and cleansed with suitable ph neutral cleaners to lift dirt from the surface. Once cleaned a leather conditioner was applied to protect the leather from cracking, fading and dye transfer from items of clothing like jeans etc.

The Ford Focus RS detailing included alloy wheels to be sealed, along with all exterior glass coated in a hydrophobic rain repellant. To complete the detail tyres and plastics were dressed and the entire vehicle was wiped down with a quick detailer spray high in carnauba wax content to add a further layer of protection.

The end result of over 25+ hours of car detailing was a high gloss finish on a stunning RS that is certainly ready to turn some heads. The interior was now in a like new condition, ensuring the drivers seat is not only a thrilling place to be but also a pleasant looking one too.

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