Golf R32 Paint Correction & SiRamik SC15 - UltimateDubs 2016 Show Prep

I had the pleasure of detailing this gorgeous example of a VW Golf MK4 R32 to prepare it to be on show at UltimateDubs 2016, treating the paintwork to over 30 hours of machine polishing, paintwork correction, refinement and polishing to remove up to 90% of defects and extract as much gloss as possible from the famous blue paintwork.

Paint Correction on a Golf R32

Certainly ready to be shown in all its glory at Ultimate Dubs UK 2016 In total, over 40+ hours of professional detailing were spent to transform the vehicle.

After a thorough and safe decontamination of all surfaces, the Rupes S.p.A.Bigfoot 21 polisher was used to perfect the finish, with SONAX USApolishing compounds.

Most importantly, SiRamik Glasscoat SC15 was applied to the paintwork and other surfaces, providing an exceptionally high level of protection from all manner of elements including light scratches, marring and bird lime etching to name a few.

A absoloute high gloss is the result of the correct, professional application of the liquid glasscoat.

Golf R32 Paint Correction and SiRamik SC15

Engine compartement once extensively steamed cleaned saw the plastics dressed and protected with a satin dressing, and all painted surfaces also coated with SiRamik SC15.

Leather and interior surfaces all received a light tickle to enure the vehicle felt, smelled and looked pleasant when driving.

Golf R32 Paint Correction and SiRamik SC15 Application

The Mk4 Golf R32 is one of my favourite vehicles and it's been a pleasure to tick it off my personal "need to detail" list.

This surely is one well looked after and much loved example, so it's always great to detail a car for a customer who is legitimately going to look after the finish achieved by me this week. Not that it will take much with SiRamik SC15 providing unreal levels of protection for years to come!

Please look through the gallery for more finished photos of the R32.


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