BMW New Car Protection Detail - SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat

The front end of this week saw us busy with a New Car Protection Detail on a gorgeous BMW 5 Series. With every whistle and bell selected when speccing the car, it was only right to ensure the level of protection applied to the car was as good as the kit selected.

After a thorough and safe decontamination of the paintwork using only PH neutral products, all road grime, tar, fall-out and glue was removed from the vehicles surfaces.

Once pulled inside and safely dried with filtered compressed air, the paintwork was subjected to a single stage, gloss enhancing machine polish to remove some light marring and dealership inflicted scratches from the lacquer. These were caused when BMW prepared the car incorrectly at the dealership, and washed it without using the professional methods required.

Once the gloss levels were truly boosted with SiRamik Nano Prime, two coats of SiRamik Glasscoat SC15 were applied to the 5 Series, followed by 2 wipedowns with SiRamik Mist once curing times were adhered to. As we are SiRamik Accreddited detailers, the customer can be assured that the vehicle is prepared and protected to the highest possible degree, properly.

SiRamik SC15

The engine bay was cleaned and de greased, and saw SC15 also applied to the plastics and rubber parts. This promotes easier cleaning in the future and locks in a satin gloss finish for life.

Leather surfaces, steering wheel, plastics, buttons and trims were all sealed and treated with SC15 as well, to provide exceptional levels of protection whilst maintaining the factory finish for life. Spillages and soiling can be removed simply with a damp cloth, meaning no chemicals or cleaners will be required.

Alloy Wheels were also coated with SC15, promoting easier future cleaning and boosting gloss levels of the silver alloys.

To complete the detail, glass surfaces were sealed in a hydrophobic rain repellant, as well as tyres and all other external plastics being dressed.

Ensuring quality and professional grade paint protection systems are applied correctly to your vehicle is paramount to keeping it cleaner, smarter and ensuring the vehicle is protected from scratches, marks, bird lime and minor stone chips to name a few.

For more information on cost effective and quality paint protection systems for your vehicle, please get in touch with me directly:

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