Professional Car Detailing Telford - Jaguar XJ - Paintwork Correction Detail

What is the difference between the dealership preparing your new car, compared to a professional detailer preparing your new car? 9 out of every 10 vehicles leaving a car dealership are in desperate need of a paint correction service due to the improper washing methods used at the dealership who often employ contract valeters with very little time or skill knowledge to properly prepare your new pride and joy. This leads to scratches, micro swirls and other paintwork defects being installed into your cars lacquer.

I was invited to a prestige car dealership in Telford to correctly prepare a customers vehicle after the above had happened. The car in question is a newly registered (65 plate) Jaguar XJ, with only a few delivery miles on the clock.

The vehicle had been washed a number of times by the contract valeters at the dealership who had made pretty poor work of the paintwork. Incorrect washing methods and poor quality washing materials way past their shelf life had inflicted thousands of tiny, micro light scratches and swirls into the paintwork and gloss black trim of the vehicle creating a dull appearance that even out of direct sunlight just did not look pleasing at all.

Enter AutoWerX Detailing..

I was asked to perform a paintwork correction detail on the Jaguar, to restore it to better than showroom quality for the new owner.

The vehicle was subjected to several stages of machine polishing using the Rupes Bigfoot 21 Polisher, with various polishing compounds to perfect the finish and permanently remove the defects from the lacquer.

SiRamik Mist from the SiRamik Glasscoat range was used to provide a final layer of protection after all polishing stages were completed.

Jaguar Paint Correction

Why leave the preperation of your new pride and joy to the dealership? Contact me today to find out how to give your vehicle the best start to life and ensure it stays looking fantastic for the entirety of your ownership.

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