Abarth 500 - Paint Correction and SiRamik Paint Protection Detail

The owner of the vehicle wanted to restore the lost gloss and depth to the Abarth 500, with the Campovolo grey being quite a flat colour anyway this was not helped by the light swirls and wash marring littered across the vehicles bodywork. The main objective was to seriously boost the reflectivity and gloss levels with a paintwork correction detail, and then to protect the finish and promote easier cleaning of the Abarth 500 in the future with SiRamik Glasscoat SC15.

After a full and thorough paintwork decontamination which included all road grime, tar, fall-out and baked on contaminants being safely removed with PH neutral products, the vehicle was dried and pulled into the workshop for the commencement of the paintwork correction.

As expected, the ultra soft paintwork allowed for very easy correction of the defects with a fine polishing compound. One to two passes with the Rupes Bigfoot 21 polisher and Sonax Perfect Finish ensured 97% of defects were removed permanently.

This really boosts the gloss and over all finish of the paintwork, each panel was “jewelled” with CarPro Reflect, this process consists of slow polishing movements with the machine polisher working in bigger areas to boost the gloss levels, due to the soft paintwork this also allowed for any other defects to be polished out even further.

After a full paintwork wipedown with IPA solution, SiRamik SC15 was applied to all paintwork surfaces. SiRamik SC15 is a market leading glass coat paintwork protection protection system that once fully cures, creates an ultra hard and durable layer of glass like lacquer over the coated surfaces, preventing wash marring, scratches, road tar, bird lime etching, acid rain and other defects ruining the finish achieved by the polishing I had just completed. Two coats were applied to the Abarth which will provide a minimum of two to three years of durable and visible protection all year round.

The interior surfaces received a full thorough clean whilst the leather racing seats were cleansed and protected with Zaino leather cleaner and conditioner, the exterior glass was coated with Gtechniq G1 and G2 to promote easier and much safer driving in wet weather conditions, rendering wiper blades unnecessary.

All plastics such as door trim and rear diffuser were re-dressed to restore their black deep finish, and tyres were dressed to really give the vehicle its imperforate overhaul.

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