West Midlands Car Detailing - Mercedes-Benz E220

After my customer purchased his Mercedes-Benz E220, he wanted to restore the condition of the paintwork to better than showroom quality once again. The vehicle had a glossy finish however upon further inspection the paintwork was littered with swirls and other deeper scratches from improper washing methods by the previous owner therefore he chose the Paintwork Correction service.

The vehicle's paintwork was fully cleansed and decontaminated using only safe methods and PH neutral products to treat the vehicle safely. A full tar removal, clay and fallout treatment was carried out prior to the vehicle being pulled inside of the workshop and safely dried. This leaves the paintwork in a “naked” condition so that no old polishes or waxes interfere with the paint correction processes.

Once all delicate areas had been masking taped off, a labour intensive two-stage paintwork correction was carried out on the vehicle consisting of over 20 hours of polishing alone.

The purpose of the first stage is to cut out the damage and permanently remove defects from the lacquer by relevelling the surface of the lacquer. This removes the swirls, deeper scratches and unsightly blemishes.

The second stage is critical to pack in gloss and expose the gorgeous fleck in the metallic paintwork, really increasing the gloss and reflective levels of the paint as well as remove any minor marring the cutting or compounding stage may have caused.

After a paintwork wipedown to remove polishing oils and residue, two coats of SiRamik Glasscoat SC15 was applied to the vehicles paintwork. After being left to cure, SiRamik Mist was applied to act as further proection whilst the SC15 cures.

SiRamik Glasscoat Protection

SiRamik glasscoat cures very quickly and creates an ultra durable tough coat of glass like lacquer over the vehicle, ensuring it is protected from all manner of elements to the highest degree. This is truly one of the best ways to protect the appearance of your vehicle as well as ensure the future maintenance is incredibly easy.

Alloy wheels and glass surfaces were also coated with dedicated sealants to provide protection for the foreseable future.

Interior leather received a cleansing and conditiong treatment, to restore the colour, feel and smell of the leather back to showroom condition once again as well as protect it from UV rays, cracking and soiling in the future.

To finish the detail, tyres and all plastics were dressed as well as the rest of the interior receiving a thorough tickle to remove all dust and debris build up.

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