BMW 7 Series - Paintwork Correction and SiRamik Paint Protection Detail

After purchasing his new BMW 7 Series, my customer noticed his paintwork had become dulled, marred and swirled due to the previous owners using cheap hand car washes with improper washing methods.

He contacted me to find out about my Paint Correction package and after examining the paintwork, we chose to go for a Stage 2 Paint Correction detail.

The car was delivered to me with a few hundred miles of dirt build up since its last clean, so a thorough decontamination involving a snowfoam and citrus prewash, safe wash, tar and fallout removal treatment as well as clay bar treatment was required to leave the paintwork free from any contaminants. Arches and alloys were also deeply cleansed to remove brake dust build up and other dirt.

Upon cleaning the car and removing any existing polishes, sealants or waxes from the paintwork it was noticed how truly poor the current condition was..

The vehicle was pulled inside, safely dried and then any delicate areas of the car were masking taped off to avoid damaging them during the extensive polishing process.

The first stage of polishing removed harsh paintwork defects from the lacquer, an aggressive cutting compound was used due to the hard nature of the BMW paintwork. Several passes with the polisher were required to remove the swirls and deeper scratches which were covering the car.

Once satisfied by the amount of defects removed by the first stage of polishing, the second stage of polishing was commenced. This process restores gloss and depth to the paintwork, leaving an ultra smooth and clean surface free from any defects. This is mandatory to the vehicle having the correct conditions for the SiRamik SC15 coating to work with and be applied to.

Here are some 50/50 Before and After photos of the paintwork condition before and after the paint correction process:

After a thorough paintwork wipe-down with an Isopropanol solution to fully remove any polishing oils and residue, the SiRamik SC15 coating was ready to be applied.

Two coats of SiRamik SC15 were applied panel by panel, and left to cure for 1 hour between coats. The vehicle was then left to cure for a number of hours in a warm, dry environment. This curing process is critical to ensure the coating is left to bond to the lacquer with no interference.

On day 3, the vehicle received a two wipe downs (applications) of SiRamik Mist sealant. This sealant works with the coating, and acts as another sacrificial layer of protection over the SiRamik SC15 coating, adding yet more protection for the vehicle increasing the gloss and hydrophobic properties.

Before the interior was cleansed, the exterior glass was polished and sealed with a rain repellent to aid driving in wet weather conditions and keep the glass surfaces cleaner for longer. Exhaust tips were also polished and all carbon build up was removed. Tyres and exterior plastics were dressed, restoring the factory finish and completing the look of the vehicles aesthetics.

The interior of the car was another concern for my client. The leather surfaces had become soiled and worn over time, and now had a layer of grease and built up dirt covering them, making them appear oily and greasy.

Leather was cleansed and deeply cleaned with specific leather cleaners and brushes to remove the built up dirt, leaving a factory style, matt finish to the leather and restoring pleasant leather like smell.

Thick carpet matts were removed from the BMW, which were then sprayed with a fabric cleaning solution and agitated, before being extracted with hot water to remove all embedded dirt.

The rest of the interior such as the console, steering wheel and other surfaces received a dusting, and wipe down with anti bacterial killers to ensure the surface was truly clean and rid of all bacteria for the customer. All products used at AutoWerX Detailing are of a professional grade quality, designed to leave a factory style finish so that when you receive your car back, it really is like sitting in it for the first time once again.

The vehicle received a final wipe down with SiRamik Mist before its photo shoot in the sunshine, and then collection from another very happy customer who couldn’t believe just how good his car looked.

Please look at the gallery below for more photos of the completed 7 Series.

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