Mini GP #1987 - Gtechniq New Car Detail

Having recently purchased his new car, my client wanted to ensure it was detailed and protected properly. After an initial consultation he opted to go for a light Paint Correction detail and the Gtechniq C1 and EXOv2 paintwork protection system. The Gtechniq paint protection is often considered as a more cost effective alternative to paint protection film.

Mini GP New Car Protection

Before any polishing, the car was thoroughly decontaminated, consisting of a multiple stages:

  • Paintwork and alloy wheel citrus prewash to remove surface grime, then rinsed.

  • Snowfoam pre soak to remove further left over surface grime and prepare the paintwork for safe washing, then rinsed.

  • Three Bucket Method safe wash, rinsed.

  • Alloy wheels and arches deeply cleaned with PH neutral cleaners, along with an assortment of detailing brushed of various sized.

  • Vehicle partly dried, then Iron and Fallout remover applied and left to dwell for 5 minutes to cleanse the paintwork and remove contaminants that often you cannot see, then rinsed.

  • Tar removal product applied to remove baked on tar and road grime.

  • Clay bar treatment with a fine grade clay bar to remove any remaining paintwork contaminants.

  • Snowfoam then re applied and rinsed to remove any remaining chemicals and residue.

Once safely dried via compressed air and microfiber drying towels, the paintwork was then ready for the paint correction stage.

A light correction machine polish with the rupes polishing system (bigfoot 21) removed faint blemishes and fine scratches from the paintwork leaving a gorgeous deep gloss to the paintwork. This really brought out a deep fleck in the paint, and left a silky smooth glass like finish to the vehicle. After a wipedown with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, the car was ready to receive its coat of Gtechniq C1, followed by two coats of EXOv2 after the C1 had cured for 12 hours.

GYEON Q2 RIM alloy wheel coating

During the curing period, the alloy wheels were removed and fully sealed in GYEON Q2 RIM alloy wheel coating as well as the bright red calipers. This limits brake dust build up and ensures wheels and callipers are much easier to clean in the future, without need for harsh wheel cleaners.

Once left to cure, the vehicle was then sealed with C2v3 Crystal Lacquer to add a final layer of protection over the coating.

Glass was coated in Gtechniq G1 and G2, allowing rain to simply blow off the windowscreen without need for wipers, creating safer driving conditions. Interior surfaces received a deep clean and a leather protection product was applied to the soft delicate leather to preserve its finish.

A few final finishing touches were completed such as the exhaust tips being polished and the car was handed back to an extremely happy customer.

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