Audi A5 Black edition - New Car Detail

My client had purchased his new Audi A5 and refused the dealership paint protection system which does not work. Without having the proper facilities to clean it himself regularly he wanted to have professional and durable protection applied that would keep it cleaner for longer and ensure the vehicle was easier cleaned when he could manage to clean it. After an initial consultation we opted to go for a single stage polish and Gtechniq EXOv2 Protection Detail.

Once the car was fully prepped and with all contamination (dirt, fallout, tar and road grime) completely removed from the vehicle, it was dried safely and pulled into the workshop. The paintwork received a single stage polish to remove any swirls, wash marring, scratches and bird lime that had etched into the paintwork. This process increased the gloss of the vehicle and provided a flawless finish ready to be sealed in with EXOv2. Gtechniq EXOv2 was applied to the vehicle with two coats providing excellent protection for a minimum of 2 years. This hydrophobic and dirt repellent layer will provide some of the ultimate protection for the customers car, promoting safer washing in the future.

The interior received a light detail and leather protection and conditioning treatment to ensure the leather is protected against spills, rips and dirt build up.

A few finishing touches were completed and the Audi A5 was handed back to a very happy customer who couldn’t believe just how glossy and sharp his new car looked. With dealership paint protection products not lasting their suggested life expectancy, my client was extremely happy he had chosen an after market paint protection system to be applied by a professional detailer.

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