Porsche New Car Detail - 911 Carrera S

When my customer purchased his new Porsche 911 Carrera S, he immediately decided that it would need a paint correction and new car protection detail to ensure it was in the best shape possible.

Porsche 911 New Car Detail

After a full safe paintwork decontamination, it received a labour intensive 2 stage paint correction with the Menzerna polishing system, leaving the surface blemish free. During this process, swirl marks from improper washing, some bird lime etching, water spot etching and other defects were removed from the paintwork permanently. The second stage of polishing restored gloss and depth to the paintwork, bringing out the best possible finish.

Porsche 911 Gtechniq Detail

Once this work had been completed, the Gtechniq paintwork protection system was applied. Consisting of Gtechniq C1 and EXOv2, this creates a permanent hard lacquer over the car providing tough and durabale resistance from scratches, swirls, bird lime, acid rain and water spotting. As an alternative to paint protection film, the coatings are 100% optically clear and enhance the finish of the vehicle once cured, adding more gloss.

Carrera 911 Professional Detail

A high gloss, sharp stunning finish was the end result of the paintwork receiving over 40+ hours of professional detailing.

Alloy wheels and glass also received similar coatings. (G1 and G2 for Glass, C5 for alloys) to preserve and protect the finish and promote safer driving in wet weather conditions. Rain and water will simply blow off the wind screen without need for wipers. Brake dust will not build up as regularly, and the wheels will be much easier to maintain in the future.

Gtechniq C5 on Porsche Alloy Wheels

The interior was treated and leather protected with a leather guard. This prevents soiling and dirt build up on the leather, keeping it in showroom condiiton for the foreseeable future.

A fantastic car to work on, which sounds as good as it looks and really has a presence about it on the road.

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