Maserati Stradale 1 of 100 Special Edition - New Car Protection Detail

This customer desperately wanted their Maserati detailing as they had just purchased it brand new. My customer had researched and waited for some time to find the right detailer to care for his vehicle. He event discussed options with numerous other detailers before approaching me, and requesting a free consulantation to discuss the options, products and packages on protecting his pride and joy, a 1 of 100 special edition Maserati Stradale.

Maserati Stradale

The Maserati had previously been waxed with Swissvax prior to the owner taking delivery at the dealership however the protection had now become non-existant and he was looking for a new, affordable and reliable protection product to apply to the vehicle's paintwork and other surfaces.

After his free consultation (which is available to anyone looking to have their vehicle detailed), he came to the conclusion that he wanted a single stage machine polish to rectify the light swirling and hazing on the paintwork. The paintwork only had minor defects, and due to the paintwork being very soft a light-polishing compound was used in this instance.

This process left the vehicle with an absolute blemish free surface ready to be sealed in and protected for good with CarPro CQuartz.

After completing a wipedown using the CarPro Eraser, two layers of CarPro CquartzUK were applied to the paintwork. This is a quartz ceramic coating formulated specifically for wet weather conditions. It lasts for a minimum of 2 years and its protective properties are:

  • Lasting high gloss finish

  • Anti scratch / Anti Swirl properties

  • High water and dirt repellency

  • 110 degree water contact angle

  • Self cleaning hydrophobic barrier, preventing tar and fallout sticking to the protected surfaces

Maserati Stradale

CarPro DLUX was used to coat the alloy wheels. Typically vehicles have a big build up of brake dust over time. This Maserati has carbon ceramic brakes, and does not create a huge build up of dust break, but it is still vital to protect these alloys, as this will make it easier to clean in the future. Gtechniq G1 was used to seal all glass surfaces, meaning water will simply roll and blow off the glass when driving at speed – lessening the use for wiper blades and creating safer driving conditions in wet weather.

Interior leather was detailed and treated to Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard. When applied correctly this creates a dirt repellent barrier over the leather preventing dye transfer and soiling, whilst leaving a nice, factory fresh matte finish to the leather surfaces.

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