Skoda Octavia VRS Estate - Gtechniq New Car Protection Detail

The customer purchased a brand new Skoda Octavia VRS Estate and bought it to AutoWerX Detailing to receive a New Car Protection Detail with Gtechniq ceramic coatings. This customer also required an interior, leather seat and alloy wheel protection.

After refusing the dealer recommended "LifeShine protection" products that simply do not work and are often applied incorrectly, this customer spoke to me about the Gtechniq range of products that I trust and have applied to several vehicles. The Gtechniq protection offers superior protection for your car at half of the price of any dealer recommended protection.

It is very beneficial from having the car protected at the start of it's life, and in fact this is the very best time to have this procedure done, preserving the goodness and allowing any corrections to be made on defeacts that may have been inflicted from improper wash methods at the dealership.

By using Gtechniq products you can be ensured that your vehicle's paintwork, glass, alloy wheels and interior surfaces will be protected for years and years to come with some of the very best products on the market available today.

After making an inspection of the paintwork condition, as expected, with all new cars from the dealership, the paintwork had some minor imperfections such as light scratches and other defects, which were polished out with a single stage Enhancement Detail (machine polish with a fine polish) to really add gloss to the vehicle and create the perfect surface conditions for the Gtechniq coatings to be applied and bond securely to.

After a paintwork wipedown with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, GTechniq C1 Coatings were applied to the paintwork and left to cure for the recommended time before 2 layers of EXOv2 were applied and left to cure. These were topped with C2v3 Crystal Lacquer once dried to really add the last layer of protection. This will last for 5 years minimum with the correct care.

The coatings will prevent wash marring, swirls, chemical damage, minor dents and stone chips, UV fading and many other defects from harming your paintwork, keeping the car in the best possible condition, looking amazing and importantly protecting the re-sale value!

Another benefit by choosing Gtechniq coatings will also keep the car cleaner for longer, with the very hydrophobic self cleaning barrier created between dirt and the surface of the car, constantly working to protect every surface. I also applied similar products with the same protective attributes to the alloy wheels, callipers and glass.

Interior leather (Gtechniq l1) surfaces were coated to prevent spills, sticky fingers from children and UV Ray's damaging the leather, making future cleaning and maintenance very easy.

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