What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction, sometimes reffered to as machine polishing or mopping, is the professional and labour intensive process of polishing a car via Rotary or Dual Action machine polisher. This process uses various grades of compounds and polishes to refinish the apperance of a vehicles paintwork.

Paint correction isn't just about understanding how machines and polishes work together, or perfecting your technique, it also includes having the knowledge, skills and time to prepare the vehicles surfaces prior to polishing. Doing this correctly ensures that a high standard of machine polishing can be undertaken to have the best paint correction results.

You may think this doesn't sound difficult, however paint correction is a skill learned over years of training and practice. My paint correction services are often choosen by customers because they have a desire to permenantly remove defects from their vehicle such as:

  • Swirl removal

  • Wash marring

  • Bird dropping stains

  • Orange peel (not the fruit! This is when body shops do not paint the vehicle correctly)

  • Light scratches and other paintwork blemishes

Paint Defects

Aside from removing these blemishes, paint correction allows a vehicles paintwork to become glossier, more reflective and possess a sharper finish. The scratches and light marks in a vehicles lacquer prevent the light from the sun (or other sources) from reflecting properly and bouncing back at the correct angle, so once removed and polished, the reflectability and gloss is restored.

It is reccomended that AutoWerX Detailing's paint correction service is chosen to be carried out before a car is coated or has a protective layer applied. Whilst some coatings have minor "filling" capabilities, the scratches will remain visable unless removed before coating. PLEASE NOTE: Paint correction will not remove defects that have gone through the lacquer/paintwork or small stone chips that may have removed the paint.

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Aston Martin Paint Corrected

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