Range Rover Vogue - Paint Correction and SiRamik New Car Protection Detail

After announcing that AutoWerX Detailing is now SiRamik Accredited, one of the twenty in the world, I had the pleasure of working on this customers lovely Range Rover Vogue. This vehicle received a full paint correction detail before protecting it with SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat.

This is brand new glass coating technology, and unlike anything else available on the market today. SiRamik SC15 provides your car with the very best possible protection. This glasscoat gives off stunning wet looks and a hardened layer of glass like toughness offers protection from minor scratches, minor stone chips, bird etching and wash marring. Due to it being a hard glass coating, the levels of reflection and gloss are truly mind blowing!

Before any of the polishing or paint correction could begin, the vehicle needed to be thoroughly cleansed and all contamination removed:

  • Paintwork and alloy wheel Citrus Prewash to remove surface grime, then rinsed.

  • Snowfoam pre soak to remove further left over surface grime and prepare the paintwork for washing, then rinsed.

  • Three Bucket Method safe wash, rinsed.

  • Alloy wheels and arches deeply cleaned with PH neutral cleaners, along with an assortment of detailing brushed of various sized.

  • Vehicle partly dried, then Iron and Fallout remover applied and left to dwell for 5 minutes to cleanse the paintwork and remove contaminants that often you cannot see, then rinsed.

  • Tar removal product applied to remove baked on tar and road grime.

  • Clay bar treatment with a fine grade clay bar to remove any remaining paintwork contaminants.

  • Snowfoam then re applied and rinsed to remove any remaining chemicals and residue.

Once driven in side and dried using soft microfiber towels and compressed air, delicate parts of the vehicle such as plastic trim were taped off to avoid damaging them during the polishing process.

The paintwork then received two stages of polishing:

  • The first stage to cut back the lacquer, removing blemishes, marring and deeper scratches. Multiple passes were completed on each panel until the desired finish was achieved.

  • The second stage was completed to add gloss to the vehicle and really bring out the metallic fleck in the paintwork. This process left the surface in a better than showroom condition, ready to be locked in and sealed by SC15.

The leather and interior were fully cleansed and protected to restore the leather to showroom condition, which consisted of removing years of grime, dirt and grease from the leather using specialist cleaners. SiRamik SC15 was used to protect the leather from future staining such as dye transfer, soiling and tears.

Stubborn stains were removed from cream fabric surfaces, before the fabric was sealed to prevent future staining.

Alloy wheels and glass were both coated in SiRamik, however the wheels received tedious levels of attention due to being very contaminated with years of brake dust build up. This was fully removed over 3 hours of concentrated cleaning on the alloys alone. The protection offered when coated with SiRamik SC15 will prevent such damage from reforming and diminishing the appearance of the wheels.

Over the course of 3.5 days and a total of 32+ hours of detailing, the vehicle was completely transformed and protected, leaving no surface untouched or unclean! To finalise the entire process the customer received a full written report from us, detailing (excuse the pun) everything from the depth of his paintwork, a marked diagram of what defects were removed on his vehicle, and more information on how to care for his vehicle now it had received the SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat.

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