Mercedes S Class S350 - Paint Correction and New Car Protection with Gtechniq

This customer found AutoWerX Detailing from searching on Google, and after discussing the options of New Car Protection Details and the advantages and disadvantages of having a ceramic coating the customer decided to book their 10,000 mile Mercedes S Class S350 in for a Paintwork Correction and New Car Protection Detail with Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings C1 and EXOv2.

Mercedes S Class S350 - New Car Protection

Having owned a number of black cars before himself, when my customer purchased this new Mercedes S Class he was keen to ensure it was protected with some of the best products on the market and prevent those dreaded swirls, blemishes, scratches and other marks that can appear over time and dull the appearance of the vehicle.

After an initial discussion, we opted to go for the Gtechniq C1 and EXOv2 Paintwork Protection packages, which offers 5 years of solid protection against scratches and other defects, as well as make the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle extremely easy with a water and dirt repellent, self cleaning and very hydrophobic barrier. C5 was chosen for the wheels, G1 for the windscreen and i1 for the interior fabric and l1 for the leather. I ensured the customer from the start that long lasting and durable protection will be applied to every surface.

The first step before any work was carried out was to inspect the vehicles paintwork. In this stage of the process, swirls, deeper scratches and other defects were noted on the paintwork and therefore it was agreed that a two stage machine polish would be required, to completely correct the vehicles paintwork. With only 10,000 miles on the clock, the paintwork was in an above average condition, however before applying Gtechniq coatings it is recommended the paintwork is fully corrected or at least enhanced with a machine polish.

Before any machine polishing or application of protective coatings, the surface had to be prepared properly to enable maximum bonding power between the lacquer and coatings. The vehicle received a thorough decontamination to remove all surface dirt, tar, road grime and fallout involving:

  • Paintwork and alloy wheel Citrus Prewash to remove surface grime, then rinsed.

  • Snowfoam pre soak to remove further left over surface grime and prepare the paintwork for washing, then rinsed.

  • Three Bucket Method safe wash, rinsed.

  • Alloy wheels and arches deeply cleaned with PH neutral cleaners, along with an assortment of detailing brushed of various sized.

  • Vehicle partly dried, then Iron and Fallout remover applied and left to dwell for 5 minutes to cleanse the paintwork and remove contaminants that often you cannot see, then rinsed.

  • Tar removal product applied to remove baked on tar and road grime.

  • Clay bar treatment with a fine grade clay bar to remove any remaining paintwork contaminants.

  • Snowfoam then re applied and rinsed to remove any remaining chemicals and residue.

Mercedes S Class S350 - New Car Protection

Once driven inside the workshop, the vehicle was dried via compressed air and soft microfiber drying towels to ensure no paintwork marring was inflicted. The entire vehicle then received a two stage machine polish with the Rupes Bigfoot polishing system (one of the most advanced polishing systems on the market today) consisting of:

  • One stage to cut back the damage from the lacquer, removing scratches and other blemishes.

  • And one stage to polish and restore gloss to the vehicle, adding depth and a crisp finish.

Mercedes S Class S350 - Paintwork Correction

Multiple passes which were repeated on each panel until as much damage was removed from the lacquer as possible and the desired finish was achieved from polishing.

After polishing, the paintwork was wiped down with Gtechniq Panel Wipe to remove all oils and residue left from polishing. This stage is critical before any ceramic coatings are applied, as it allows the coating particles to bond perfectly with the lacquer and ensure no surface is left uncoated.

The Gtechniq C1 base layer (ultra hard ceramic coating that forms another lacquer over the vehicle, this is the layer that prevents scratches, stonechips, marks and swirls) was applied panel by panel and then left to cure for 10 hours.

Afterwards, the Gtechniq EXOv2 was applied. (This is the very hydrophobic layer that forms the water repellent, self cleaning barrier over the paintwork and hardened C1) Two layers of EXOv2 were applied to the paintwork, and left to cure for a further 10 hours.

Mercedes S Class S350 - New Car Protection

The interior was thoroughly cleaned, steamed and vacuumed out to remove any dirt and debris from the floor matts and seams in the leather. After a wipedown with suitable leather cleaners, the leather was sealed in two coats of Gtechniq l1 leather guard. This prevents soiling, cracking and damage to the leather as well as dye transfer from clothing etc.

Fabric surfaces such as carpets were coated with Gtechniq i1 Smart Fabric, this is a waterproofing agent that prevents any liquids from damaging the leather, forming a hydrophobic barrier meaning any spilled liquids can simply be wiped up with a cloth.

Gloss trim inside the car was waxed with Swissvax Onyx, to provide some protection and increase the gloss of the trim.

The windscreen was polished and then coated with Gtechniq G1, which creates a hydrophobic barrier ensuring rain, and water simply runs off the glass surfaces, lessening the need for wiper blades.

The alloy wheels were coated in Gtechniq C5 Wheel armour, which will prevent brake dust, road grime and other dirt building up. Meaning they can easily be cleaned with a sharp stream of water.

After all of the above, the entire car received a wipedown with Gtechniq C2v3 to add a further 8 months of protection and leave a dust free finish ready for the customer to collect.

Over 18 hours of machine polishing to rectify the paintwork, as well as over 2 days of protecting the vehicle concluded a detail that took over 3.5 days to perfect. The owner of the Mercedes was extremely happy with the results and shocked at just how optically clear the Gtechniq coatings are. To quote “it actually looks how a brand new car should look!”

No lighting tricks, no editing – just perfect paintwork that’s protected for a minimum of 5 years to come from all that the elements can throw at it.

For more information on this detail or to enquire about these packages on your vehicle fill out the Contact Form or call Ben directly on 07875 485 724.

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