Mercedes E Class E320 - Gloss Enhancement and Ceramic Protection Detail

This 90,000 mile Mercedes Benz E Class was a new acquisition by the owner and he wanted to restore some gloss and clarity to the paintwork as the car had seen quite a few cheap hand car washes in its life time which had left defects such as leaving swirls, deeper scratches and making the paintwork appear dull.

The customer opted for a Gloss Enhancement Detail after receiving a free face-to-face consultation (available for anyone). This package is perfect to remove swirls with a single stage machine polish whilst notably adding tonnes of gloss and depth back to the vehicles paintwork. The customer then opted to apply a ceramic coating on top of the paintwork for protection and prevention of scratches and swirls returning.

Before any machine polishing or application of protective coatings is carried out, the surfaces of the vehicle had to be prepared properly to enable maximum bonding power between the lacquer and coatings. The vehicle received a thorough decontamination involving:

  • Paintwork and alloy wheel citrus prewash to remove surface grime, then rinsed.

  • Snowfoam presoak to remove further left over surface grime and prepare the paintwork for washing, then rinsed.

  • Three bucket method safe wash, then rinsed.

  • Alloy wheels and arches deeply cleaned with PH neutral cleaners, along with an assortment of detailing brushed of various sizes.

  • Vehicle partly dried, then iron and fallout remover applied and left to dwell for 5 minutes to cleanse the paintwork and remove contaminants that often you cannot see, then rinsed.

  • Tar removal product applied to remove baked on tar and road grime.

  • Clay bar treatment with a fine grade clay bar to remove any remaining paintwork contaminants.

  • Snowfoam then re applied and rinsed to remove any remaining chemicals and residue.

Once dried, any delicate areas such as rubber trims, were masked off to avoid damage when polishing the car. The vehicle then received a single stage machine polish with the brand new Rupes Bigfoot 21 Polishing system. This removed a top layer of swirls from the vehicles lacquer, bringing out the gorgeous sparkle and fleck in the paintwork.

The vehicle received a wipe-down with panel-wipe prior to the ceramic coating being applied. This is critical step in the application process as it allows for maximum bonding power between the coating and lacquer as all polishing oils and residue are removed in this process.

After the coating was applied and left to cure, it was then sealed and received a light wipe down with a synthetic sealant to add an even further nine months of protection over the coating.

The interior leather surfaces were deep cleaned using a specialist leather cleanser containing glycerine to feed and hydrate the leather, whilst leaving it with the luxurious matt leather finish that should be expected.

Exterior glass surfaces were sealed with a hydrophobic rain repellent which will aid when driving in wet weather, where rain will simply roll off the windscreen at speeds above 30mph.

Lastly the tyres were dressed and alloys sealed to complete the detail, leaving this vehicle protected and remarkably glossy for a minimum of 3 years.

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