The future - Glasscoat Paint Protection lands at AutoWerX Detailing..

December 31, 2015

Introducing SiRamik SC15 to our customers. SiRamik Surface Coat SC15 is an ultra durable glasscoat that has proved incredibly popular during cusomer trials, and is the result of years of development and testing by SiRamik.



As the coating sets and cures this creates an ultra hard lacquer over the vehicle. As a result - the hardness levels offer protection from scratches (key marks, shopping trolley knocks etc), bird bomb etching, minor stone chips and door knocks as well as wash marring. This means your car will stay protected and hold its resale value for years to come. What more could you ask for?


With stunning wet looks and an excellent water repellant, self cleaning barrier, this really is one to watch. SC15 can be applied to paint, wheels, plastic trim and glass (with the exception of the windscreen), a product to enhance and protect all surfaces.


With reports of cars coated with SC15 travelling to Morocco from the UK and not needing to be washed until they returned, the protection offered by SiRamik SC15 is measured in years - not months.


I am now taking bookings for SiRamik Protection Details. It is highly reccomended that you also book this service alongside the Machine Polishing or Paint Correction packages.


For a free, unique quote please get in touch with me!

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