Aston Martin DBS Carbon - Paint Correction and Swissvax Protection Detail

This absolutely gorgeous Aston Martin DBS Carbon edition (1 of 8 ever made) had a Paint Correction, Polish Angel Master Sealant and Swissvax Shield Protection Detail by AutoWerX Detailing.

The paintwork was cleansed and rectified with a machine polish using professional grade polishing compounds and the DA Rupes Polisher. This removed any light surface scratches and "swirls" that were present on the vehicles paintwork.

Afterwards, it received 2 layers of PolishAngel MasterSealant Which will act as a semi permeable layer of protection over the paintwork, preventing scratches, stone chips, dirt build up and bird etching from bird poo etc.

For added protection, the durable and brilliant Swissvax Shield Wax was applied over the top. This will last for 3-6 months on top of the already applied sealant.

The interior was tidied and a leather balm treatment applied to all leather surfaces, and all alloy wheels removed to be sealed in a hard ceramic coating that prevents brake dust build up, then torqued back to the manufactures recommendations.

The results were spectacular, and the customer was extremely pleased that his vehicle now looks as amazing as it performs, protected with the products that are tested, trusted and proven to be some of the best in the market.

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