Kleen Freaks Revolution on the Abarth 500

With Ultimate Stance now over, and the halls of Telford International Center empty, it was time to look back at certainly what was my highlight of the day.. Wandering over to the Kleen Freaks stand with wallet in hand, I admired the cars which they had on show. I was highly, highly impressed with the quality that was displayed by Mike and the Kleen Freaks team.

Now, the car scene isn't about tit for tat and whos better than who, (well, I certainly dont think it is!) but I do think the Kleen Freaks' stand put a lot of other companies who are "car care professionals and product retailers" to shame on the day. All of their cars were prepped properly, and even under the bright lights, armed with my Rupes Swirlfinder (sad, I know!) there we no swirls in sight.

I introduced myself to a very busy Mike from KF, and mentioned that we both had a mutual friend within the industry, Paul over at Deluxe Detailing who provided, (and still provides) my tuition at the start of my detailing career, and who Mike has had a strong relationship with for many years prior.

Mike was generous enough to hand me some samples of products that KF aim to release next year in time for UltimateDubs 2016, and more importantly went through the correct, professional application methods of each prototype for me.. They were:

  • Prototype Exterior Trim Dressing

  • Protype Top Coat

  • Liquid Wax V2

  • Prototype Metal Polish

I also purchased the Glass Cleaner with Rain Repellant which has very quickly become my go to glass cleaner because of the glossy, lubricated finish that it leaves on my customers vehicles, and really does give that element of sealed glass, and takes very little time to use! Time, as always, is money. Sealing customers glass in a matter of seconds with a quality sealant is very important to me, so this product really does tick all of the boxes for me personally, especially at this time of year!

A few days later, we got a chance to pull the very dirty, AutoWerX Detailing Sponsor Car indoors for some Kleen Freaks loving..

Kleen Freaks Shampoo through the snowfoam lance was the chosen choice of pre-wash, which really shifted the surface grime and left the car safe for a two bucket method wash and full decontamination of the paintwork, tar removal, fallout removal and clay bar treatment all included!

It's important to state that this vehicle (Abarth 500) has never received a machine polish as of yet, and I personally think thats a really bold, true testament as you read on further to just HOW good the new prototypes are and how glossy, smooth and showroom fresh they can make an unpolished car look and feel.

Once dried and hand polished, the car was wiped down with an IPA to really ensure the paintwork was squeaky clean and ready for the Protype topcoat.

TopCoat Sealant:

As per Mikes instructions, the topcoat sealant was applied with a microsuede wrapped around a foam block, left to cure for 15 minutes and then buffed off with a thick pile microfibre towel. Two coats were applied to the whole of the vehicle with 30 minutes in between each coat (not required, just something I wanted to do as a precaution.)

As you apply the sealant, the product will flash much like the ceramic coatings often do , but you can continue to work. Something I really really like as it means you dont get stuck waiting and watching the clock to make sure it's EXACTLY 3 minutes until you buff the product off. Theres a lot of forgiveness in the use of this topcoat sealant, and I like that. As I buffed the topcoat off you can really see the gloss improve dramatically straight away, as well as the silky smooth feel of the paintwork. Over all, this is an amazing product that I think will very quickly change the way people protect their cars next year and beyond. It's quick, and easy to apply with great immediate results. What more could you ask for?

Liquid Wax V2:

Complimenting the top coat perfectly is the V2 Liquid Wax. Stunningly glossy, easy on and easy off. I applied this with a foam applicator pad and did find it slightly hard to spread but that was one knock I was willing to take for a product that was VERY easy to remove, and left a very very nice wet look finish on the paintwork of the Abarth. The combined water reppellancy of the Top Coat and Liquid wax is absoloutely stunning. To the point a number of passers by have commented on just how beautiful the car looks after the rainfall. One customer even looked at the car and said " I want mine to look like that, whats it got on it?"

Protection on your vehicle is something I love my customers to see. Its aesthetic to the eyes, and it means my customers see the value for their money in the service I provide when they see their car beautifully beading and protected.

The pictures below were the beading after the car had covered 350 miles in winter conditions such as heavy rain and dirty roads. 5 out of 5 for this one.

Prototype Exterior Trim Dressing:

In a few short words... amazing. It's the trim dressing that many have tried to make but only Kleen Freaks have succeeded.

The product spread incredibly well allowing a little amount to go a very long way. It gave the exterior trims an instant dark black appearance which I personally believe gave this vehicle the polished and finished appearance, as with any car detail, it is the little details that bring it all together.

The product is still proving its effectiveness even after facing harsh weather conditions across a long distance journey. Many other trim dressings would have fallen at this hurdle.

A proper trim dressing that actually does what it says on the bottle is a product long awaited in this industry. Kleen Freaks have certainly hit the nail on the head with this one, so I will be certainly asking Mike for a pre-order of this.

Prototype Metal Polish:

A really nice oil based metal polish that does not leave a chalky residue or your fingers full of grease. As the product is oil based there is longer working time for the abbrasives to work.

The picture below required only a microfibre towel and the Kleen Freaks metal polish to achieve these fantasticly noticable results! Again a little goes a very long way with this product which seems to be a trend throughout their range of products and I have noticed this ever since early 2014 when Paul from Deluxe Detailing introduced me to the brand.

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the prototypes and so much so that AutoWerX Detailing has no hesitation in recommending these products and the Kleen Freaks brand to no end. I sincerly hope that AutoWerX Detailing can be highly involved with Kleen Freaks and offer something to our customers so they can benefit from this Kleen Freaks revolution.

View the end result:

As always thank you for reading. If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on these prototypes AutoWerX Detailing would love to hear your views.

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