Ultimate Stance 2015

Sunday 1st of November saw the end of the car show season for 2015 and a visit to Ultimate Stance for AutoWerX Detailing..

With many cars on show and trade stands from well established and upcoming brands. The likes of Auto Finesse, KleenFreaks, Slims Detailing, Obsessive Detail, JL Audio and RollHard were out in force.

With detailing and paint correction running in the blood lines, some of the cars and their prep work did make for poor viewing, and made me question just exactly what are the acceptable standards for the cars or 'show cars' that get to be inside.

The likes of dirty mud filled arches, swirls decorating bonnets and pillars, smeared glass and dirty wheel barrels made for unpleasant viewing!

On the other hand the bigger guys with a passion for detailing, such as Mike and the guys from KleenFreaks who had @S30BMX's (Instagram) Audi S3 Saloon on show along with some others had their cars properly clean, and I mean properly. It was nice to see some of the prototype test products Mike was giving away with purchases actually being used and their finishes in the flesh.

Auto Finesse's stand can only be described as one word: BUSY!!! The guys were rushed off their feet left right and centre and if there was one brand of the day imparticular that were in the faces of every visitor, it was certainly Auto Finesse.

The guys over at Slims Detailing were incredible professional and helpful with a ton of enquiries about trade accounts, supplies, delivery times, stock, upcoming offers and a million other questions that were asked!

It was nice to finally meet Frank from Obsessive Detail and thank him in person for the products and support that he has provided me with since lauching the business in April 2015. Frank was actually one of the only guys there showing his knowledge behind the products, machine polishing one of the stands cars for onlookers to watch, with the almighty Flex PE14-2 in hand!

Another special car for us at the show was @jamieblahblahblah's (Instagram) stunning Porsche 911, which, having a soft spot for this model anyway, was a super super exciting experience to see one so clean and with such great paintwork.

The show was a really nice end to the season, with a pleasant atmosphere and in all honesty some nice cars on show. It certainly was a good appetiser for Ultimate Dubs which will greet us in early 2016 and see the roads of Telford and the carparks of The International Centre, certainly very busy!

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