Paintwork Correction by AutoWerX Specialist Detailing

Car Paintwork Correction Detailing by AutoWerX Detailing

An entire book (or library!) could be written paintwork correction, polishing, techniques, tools, materials, waxes and sealants, however in short;- the Paint Correction Detail by AutoWerX Detailing is the process using various grades of compounds and polishes to refinish the appearance of a vehicles paintwork. AutoWerX Detailing specialises in achieving the most paint correction on a vehicle, when requested where we look to remove all paintwork swirling, scratches, acid spotting, oxidisation, orange peel and staining where possible.

AutoWerX Detailing must see the car in person before an accurate quotation can be given for Paint Correction.


Aside from removing blemishes, the paint correction detail allows the vehicle's paintwork to become glossier, more reflective and possess a sharper finish. The scratches and light marks in a vehicles lacquer prevent the light from the sun (or other sources) from reflecting properly and bouncing back at the correct angle, so once removed and polished, the reflect-ability and gloss is restored.


It is recommended that AutoWerX Detailing's paint correction service is chosen to be carried out before a car is coated or has a protective layer applied. Whilst some coatings have minor "filling" capabilities, the scratches will remain visible unless removed before coating.

Our Paint Correction Detail is categorised in three different stages, depending on the paintwork condition and finish the customer requires. 

  • Gloss Enhancement (one stage machine polish)

  • Minor Correction (two stage machine polish)

  • Major Correction (three + stages of machine polishing, wet sanding where required etc.)



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Please note: this treatment will not fix stone chips or scratches that have gone through the lacquer.

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