View the Results of Our New Car Protection Detail on this Beautiful Porsche 718 Cayman S

New Car Protection Detail by AutoWerX Detailing

When purchasing your new car you would expect the paintwork to be in an impeccable condition, unmarked and you would expect the dealership to treat your pride and joy as it deserves, however this unfortunately is never the case. New cars often leave the production line with paintwork defects such as sanding marks, fine swirls and scratches, as well as buffer trails from improper machine polishing methods during the painting process. Poor dealership valeting and preparation of the car will often inflict even further damage such as fine scratches, industrial fallout not being removed, surface marring, bird etching, hologram's and scratches to name a few. 

Dealerships will often try to sell their unknowing customers "lifetime lasting", poor quality paintwork protection products (LifeShine, Guard-X, Supaguard and Diamondbrite to name the most common) which claim to last forever and a day whilst protecting the vehicle from the elements.


Although it may seem convenient to have this product applied whilst the car is at the dealership, please consider the following massive differences between the dealership protection and AutoWerX Detailing's Ceramic Coatings.

AutoWerX Detailing's New Car Detail


  • Three to Four DAYS spent preparing the vehicle and applying the chosen Protection System/Ceramic Coating.

  • The quality of protection systems/ceramic coatings and products used to prepare and protect your vehicle are extremely high quality, exclusive and expensive, allowing for a much better end result and better levels of protection for your vehicle.

  • Vital proper decontamination of the surfaces in the cleaning stage. Claybar treatment, Tar Removal, Fall-Out Removal etc.

  • One specific Detailer working on only one vehicle at a time.

  • Trained (continuously!) with a high level of skill and understanding of paintwork, machine polishing and correct application of Ceramic Coatings.

  • A thorough and detailed paintwork inspection is carried out to make note of all defects found present in the surface.

  • A high quality Paintwork Correction / Machine Polish is conducted to remove any paintwork blemishes before any paintwork protection or ceramic coatings are applied!

  • New wash media is used on every vehicle. New cloths, polishing pads, towels and coatings are bought in for each job as well as all buckets and wash tools cleaned after every use to prevent cross contamination!

  • An extremely clean, dust free, very well lit environment to enable us to prepare your vehicle to it's very best condition.

Dealership Applied Sealant

  • Due to time constraints and high volumes of cars, often only One to Two HOURS are spent preparing the vehicle and applying the chosen Protection System.

  • Dealership protection systems are often very cheap sealants/kits bought in at bulk low price, and sold high to make a very vast profit! Quality can be seriously questioned as to how good/durable they actually are.

  • Paintwork only receives a very basic clean prior to the protection being applied due to lack of understanding of proper processes.

  • Many valeters working on lots of vehicles at a time, leading to missed bits and skipped bits.

  • Only very basic training is given to dealership valeters due to budget restraints.

  • Nobody cares about the condition of your paintwork at the dealership, as they often lack the well trained eye and particular qualities of me and you!

  • NO paintwork correction or polishing of the vehicle conducted, meaning protection is applied over scratches and marks.

  • The same wash media is used on every vehicle day in and day out, leading do cross contamination and low quality results which may cause scratches and other blemishes if not used correctly.

  • Most valet bays are poorly lit and due to the volume of vehicles in and out of the bay they can often be untidy places not allowing for the best of conditions for your new vehicle to be protected in!

The Results of the AutoWerX Detailing New Car Protection Detail Vs. The Dealership Protection System are incredibly easy to see!

See Below...

Notice the excellent water behaviour and ease of cleaning after the Porsche received our New Car Protection Detail and IGL Ceramic Coatings treatment Vs. how the water clings and holds onto the surface of the Nissan Juke after it received the Dealerships 'paintwork protection' system. 

The durability of the protection applied by AutoWerX Detailing can be measured in years, not months..


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