Interior Detail

The Interior Detail service tackles even the most stubborn of stains and lingering smells. Car interiors contain several different surfaces, from plastic trims, to cotton stitching and leather seating. All of these should be cleaned and protected to prolong fading, tearing or peeling.  

Here are a list of some common interior defects, all of which can be safely removed from the inside of your vehicle with our Interior Detail:

  • Food (e.g. crumbs, sauces, chips, chocolate, crisps and sticky sweets)

  • Liquids and stains (e.g. spilled drink, sauces, milk)

  • Paint spillage

  • Dog hair and animal smells

  • Crayon / Felt Tip / Ink, or other unwanted artwork left by children

  • Mud stains

  • Other stubborn stains

  • Dye from jeans or similar clothing

  • Grease and oil left on surfaces that build up over time

and many many more...


All interior details receive a thorough clean and vacuum to start. No surface is left untouched, carpets are shampooed and wet extracted, seats and other surfaces are steam cleaned and deep cleansed with professional brushes and suitable interior cleaners. Centre consoles are thoroughly cleaned with brushes, cloths and steam. Glass is cleaned and polished, trims are dressed and an optional air freshener of your choice is applied. 

Price: From £100

Duration: 1.5 days

We are also able to offer a variety of optional extras to protect your vehicle's interior surfaces after they have been cleaned to stop them becoming dirty again. 


From smart surface treatments that bond to the individual fibres of cloth surfaces and prevent staining, spills and dirt being embedded, to leather conditioning to prevent wear, tear, and ageing whilst restoring the leather smell and feel, we can protect any surface.   


Please ask upon enquiry about any of the protective treatments that sound of interest to you and we can discuss your needs and what works best for you.


Steaming Vehicle Interior

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