AutoWerX Detailing is proud to be an Accredited Master Installer of igl Ceramic Coatings in Telford, West Midlands.

AutoWerX Detailing choose igl Coatings due to the immense amount of research and technology developed into their coatings. In return, this means every single item they manufacture is of incredible consistent quality, durable and provides excellent levels of protection for our customers vehicles.

igl Coatings manufacture protective coatings for every single surface on your vehicle, as well as high quality maintenance products for the aftercare once we have coated your vehicle.

Results of igl Quartz Ceramic Coating:

Results of IGL Window Glass Coating:

igl Ceramic Coatings for Exterior Paintwork Surfaces


5 Year Durable Ceramic Coating

igl Coatings Flagship Ceramic Coating containing high solids and a hardness level of 10H once cured. A two part coating system consisting of a hard glass base layer topped with an extremely hydrophobic, slick top coat.

Application From:


igl Quartz+

3 Year Durable Ceramic Coating

A high solids coating boasting 9H hardness levels consisting of a base coat and top coat system which when combined create a durable layer of glasscoat over the surface. Excellent water behaviour, anti staining and swirl/marring resistance. 

Application From:


igl Quartz

2 Year Durable Ceramic Coating

A high solids coating that will protect your vehicles finish for up to 2 years. Resistance to harsh chemicals and an increased gloss/water repellency. A 9H hardness with an amazing slick feel to the touch once cured. Very hydrophobic with swirl resistance.

Application From:


Other igl Coatings for Exterior Surfaces

igl Wheel

Temperature Resistant Wheel Coating 

Durable wheel coating forming a 9H layer of high temperature resistant ceramic coating over the coated alloy wheel or exhaust tip. Prevents pitting and staining from brake dust with a high resistance to chemicals, Salts, Tar & Iron Fall-out.

Application From:


igl Window

Extremely hydrophobic Glass Coating

Designed to ensure water simply beads up and rolls off the coated glass upon contact. Creates safer driving conditions and lessens need for wipers in rainy weather. Also helps prevent frost and freezing of the windscreen/glass.

Application From:


igl Trim

Rejuvinating UV Resistant Trim Coating

Rejuvenates the appearance of faded plastic trim and ensures a hydrophobic, UV resistant layer is created to prevent the elements from dulling and staining exterior rubbers and plastics. High chemical resistance.

Application From:


igl Coatings for Interior Surfaces

igl Leather

Extremely Durable Leather Protection

An odourless coating designed specifically for high quality leather goods including automotive leather. Will not change the colour or add any sheen to the coated leather. Helps prevent soiling, dye transfers and wear and tear from everyday use. Spillages, transfers, inks and fluids are cleaned away with incredible ease. A hydrophobic coating lasting around 2 years per application.

Application From:


igl Fabric

Hydrophobic Fabric Protection

An odourless liquid sealant for porous textiles including car seats, floor matts, linings and fabric flooring. Will not change the colour of the fabric or scent of the interior. Extremely hydrophobic and does not allow spillages, fluids or dirt to stick to the coated surface, allowing for extremely easy cleaning of any miss-haps. Will not remove with wear and tear unlike other fabric sealants on the market. 

Application From:


Cleaning your Vehicle Really Could Be This Easy..

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